About us

Behind this online store there is a struggling, dreamy and resilient woman like many of you.  A woman who, even if something seems impossible, sees it as possible. Her motto is "seeing beyond what your eyes can see" and "it will never be enough".  With much humility I tell you that woman is me. My name is Linnette "Lina" Ortiz and I am from Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. I currently work as a Public Affairs Consultant but I also worked for many years in the private sector and in two municipalities as a City Administrator. 

For many years I thought that I should re-invent myself; wanting to give to take that step and guess what? The Covid-19 pandemic came and I had to rethink about it and recognize that it was time to re-invent. I mean, there was no other time, I felt it in my heart; the time came to consider other possibilities for growth and development. One night, I decided to take an e-commerce webinar and that's where it all started.  At the end of the webinar I was so excited to start my new project that I told my daughter about it and she said: "if you want to do it, do it, no regrets and I'll help you". Together we decided to go on this adventure. My daughter is my "partner in crime" and even though she is studying far away, her support and faith in me have always been latent.

Our mission to offer you an excellent service and quality products! 

Our purpose dress the woman who has various roles, with versatile, comfortable and quality pieces so that she feels confident and always looks beautiful, highlighting her self-love.

Thank you for choose us! There are many dreams and goals ahead. Everything has been and will be possible thanks to God's help.

With love for you!

Linnette "Lina" Ortiz, CEO

"Be Fit, Be ZitroEndurance"